Register for athletics through My BackPack Program Registration and please direct questions to NNM Athletics & PE Director Nate Lyons at Go Wildcats!
Please note that you can only sign up for fall sports at this time.


Boys and Girls Basketball
Grade 6-8
November 1stFebruary 14th  M, T, W Th.
Girls- Adjua Pryor, Lauren Pate, Jimmy Felton
Boys, Jeff Fortin, Eli Boyer, Nate Lyons
5th grade Boys and Girls Basketball
Feb 20- April 5th M, T, W Th.
Girls- Jimmy Felton, Jeff Fortin
Boys- Eli Boyer, Nate Lyons
Boys Volleyball
Grade 6-8
April 9- May 24  M, T, W Th.
Coaches- Adjua Pryor, Nate Lyons
Girls Soccer
Grade 6-8
April 10- May 24 T, TH, F
Coaches Eli Boyer, Jeff Fortin
CoEd Track Team 
Grades 5-8
April 13- May 25 Fridays
Coaches- Ina Strauss and TBD

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